About JHL Group

The family Lekkerkerk is active in the horticulture since 1800. From the beginning of 1985 we have specialized in pot gerberas. In 2001 the JHL Group is founded by Hans and Elly Lekkerkerk. We develop the whole process of breeding, propagation en production. We have located this in three separate locations.

Hans Lekkerkerk died suddenly on 05 August 2010. JHL Group is continued by his wife and children.

We grew up with the desire to develop an excellent product in a sustainably way which can be used by the next link in the chain. To achieve that we keep everything in one hand. At each step in the process, we decide: to do it ourselves or to bring it to an external specialist.

We are a family business. Everyone has their own responsibilities towards themselves, each other, the company and the client. Everyone is fully involved in the company but remains himself. Quirky but sober we work on quality in every aspect.

Each type of sales channel can get help from us and from our cooperation partners for the right products of the right quality in every order size and in every delivery frequency. Each client is important and quality is over quantity.

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