Breeding pot gerberas

By following trends in the market and at our end consumer, we form us a picture of the future demand. This is one of the pillars of our process of selection, breeding and seed production.

The other pillar is the characteristics of the plant itself. We ask ourselves: what is good, what can be done better. It is usually about small improvements. Through improving of details for many years, ultimately a whole new top product is created.

One of our offices is specialized in seed production. During selecting, crossing and breeding, we pay more attention to flowering, duration of flowering, firmness of steals and leaves, resistance against diseases and longevity.

Over the years we have developed many new varieties and variations of pot gerberas with a sturdy, compact build and a rich and long flowering period.

JHL keeps breeding, propagation and production in one hand to provide the best results for clients in each stage. We are breeders of the own-brands ‘Colour Game®’ and ‘Grandèra®’. For the worldwide sales of our seeds, under the brand Revolution ®, we work together with KieftSeed. They are specialists in this field and have a global presence.

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Sale of seed is done through our partner KieftSeed. For more information: or